January 6th – Remembering an American Insurrection

Painful lessons of January 6 Capitol assault
Terrorist Insurgents Climb Walls of American Capitol

The Bayard Rustin Coalition hopes you would use this one-year anniversary of the events of January 6th to consider what caused them and where we appear to be headed. The events did not happen out of happenstance. They were plainly emerging from years prior as an extension of a pattern that has occurred numerous times throughout history, owing to circumstances that were essentially the same as those that triggered January 6th. We can observe the causes and effects by connecting the dots back in time and considering where we might be headed. We can see how the order many imagined would never change could shift dramatically. We can, for example, extrapolate from the past and see how the system is currently functioning. We can see that neither side will accept losing the 2024 elections with an uncomfortably high probability. If that happens, the rule of law and the constitution will lose their sway in favor of the wielding of raw authority. Consider what such action would entail for the United States of America as we know it.

Colorado Representative Jason Crow comforted Pennsylvania Representative Susan Wild while taking cover as insurgents disrupted the ...
America’ Capitiol Terrorized January 6th, 2021