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Co-Chair, Lisa Williams






Co-Chair, Lawrence Shine

The Bayard Rustin Coalition (BRC) embraces advocacy and education to effect social change through the honoring of a political dynasty that is rooted in the Black and same gender loving experience.

Bayard Rustin Coalition is purposed to fight in all manifestations: racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

The Bayard Rustin Coalition engages in activities that facilitate:

  • Greater empowerment and visibility for the Black community in the greater       San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Support for and promotion of: civil servants, community-based organizations and  entrepreneurs that enhance and or celebrate the lives of diverse Black persons and families.
  • Protection and refuge of at risk Black/African Diaspora LGBT individuals, asylum for African Diaspora LGBT individuals abroad.
  • Continued public support for marriage equality

We shall also…

  • Form coalitions with other groups on issues of joint concern and interest.
  • Identify and support Black people and Black allies for elective and public office.
  • Advocate for and propose legislation that advances the civil and economic rights of all oppressed people.
  • Expand the participation of Black people in the electoral process through voter education and registration.
  • Build a financial base in order to support the political agenda of Black communities.
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