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Join our membership of active BRC Sponsors and help your business or organization to establish a highly visible presence while making a positive impact within the San Francisco Bay Area Black community and beyond.

Help ensure greater empowerment and visibility for the Black same gender loving community in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Support the mission of the BRC by making a donation at our Sponsor Level.

Stay connected to the local  community through our community presence and calendar of activities and local community events. Keep up-to-date on the local politics that affect our communities.

Become a Champion for local Black LGBT Organizers, Community Leaders and Community Members, today. This is your opportunity to participate in making change. Your support will help make our membership meetings and community events even more successful.

Connect with BRC Events:Calendar_0

  • Membership Meetings
  • Bayard Rustin Birthday! March 17th
  • Community Events
  • Leadership Luncheons
  • Panel Discussions
  • Annual Awards Ceremony
  • Black Pride Celebrations
  • African Diaspora Pride Celebrations
  • Pride Weekend Hosted Guest

BRC Sponsor $1000.00 Donation

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